Hi, I'm Marta. 

I'm a digital marketer by training and a content strategist with 11 years of experience. I specialize in driving growth through digital marketing and content strategies. I'm passionate about data-driven stories and turning ideas into prose and campaigns.

I'm a seasoned marketer focused on growth, GTM strategies, content, digital products, and partnerships. In the past, I worked as a senior digital marketer, a content strategist, and an account/project manager across verticals: ad tech, e-commerce, and travel. I built integrated marketing plans, executed social media strategies, wrote and published content pieces, produced online and offline events, and conceptualized new websites for brands. And loved every minute of it.

I'm currently working at RevX as Marketing Director to grow and managed the department. My main responsibility is to grow RevX as a recognised global brand in AdTech.

I've worked with multi-cultured, global teams across different countries: Portugal, Malaysia and, for the past 6 years, Singapore. I like to stay updated on AdTech and the Marketing world in general.

In my free time, I review books and write stories.

Check some of my work below.

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Recent Articles

Playing more, playing differently: How programmatic advertising spurs mobile gaming growth in 2021.

Mobile gaming lives of user acquisition and invests heavily when it comes to advertising spending. Mobile gaming companies tend to work with a large number of ad partners at the same time. But a high number of partners doesn’t determine an apps’ success in acquiring and retaining customers. A clearly laid out ad strategy focused on discoverability and retention does. We discuss how to build such a strategy. Getting a game noticed isn’t the most straightforward task when more than 350,000 mobil

RevX: Mobile growth strategies for subscription apps | Adjust

Apps are increasingly turning to subscription models as a means of monetization - but to develop into a successful business model, subscriptions must be supported by a clearly defined mobile growth strategy. Among the most frequently downloaded types of subscription apps, we find streaming apps (30.7%), Gaming (9%), and News apps (4%). While subscription models are common across almost all verticals, the nature of subscription models vary considerably and different models call for different str

No More iOS14.5 Confusion: Shedding light on LAT, SKAdNetwork & Incrementality

No More iOS14.5 Confusion: Shedding Light on LAT, SKAdNetwork & Incrementality IOS14.5 is expected to roll out imminently. If you haven't prepared your ad campaigns and budgets for all the changes coming out of it, the time is now. This article will give you an overview of the essential concepts, cover the most urgent questions and how you can be fully prepared to still run programmatic campaigns on iOS.

Retargeting Lexicon

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. GDPR was devised to protect and define how data held by companies is handled across all industries, including programmatic advertising. GDPR grants the users control over how their data is stored and used by organizations. Organizations are required to be

Incrementality Now: How Incrementality Will Help You Make Better Budget Decisions

Incrementality is the right approach to measure your organic baseline as a way to accurately know how effective your retargeting campaigns are. Incrementality measurement allows you to improve your ROAS continuously by optimizing campaigns towards true uplift. The ages-old question of finding out how many of your conversions are organic versus the ones that are brought forth by paid efforts has been analyzed from a constrained attribution point of view. And attribution modeling as we know it is

The Importance of Running Retargeting Along with UA

• Retargeting gives marketers an unparalleled audience targeting, at scale. Retargeting is useful to drive traffic after app install and to keep users actively engaged for longer. Retargeting acts as a catalyst to bring back users that already use your app for a while and turn them into paying users: users that are willing to purchase, unlock new levels or try a newly release app feature. When it comes to app growth, it all starts with user acquisition. During the app launch stage, naturally,

App Retargeting Strategies To Drive Revenue To Your Mobile Game

2020 brought us isolation measures and movement restrictions. As a result, the majority of users are facing significantly more time at home. It is hence not surprising to see more people downloading and playing games on their devices. There is an almost urging need for entertainment. The increased organic app usage is good news for the gaming industry. Still, is it the spike in downloads and average daily active users on gaming apps temporary, or a permanent change? Can this organic growth be c

Here's How Retargeting Supports App Growth for Gaming

For the growth and peak stages, retargeting adds much value in many ways. First, it sustains your app by re-engaging users that haven’t converted yet. It also can target high-value players to avoid drops on user activity and keep players engaged by exploring the entire game and purchasing more often. Retargeting can help you increase your DAU (daily active users) by bringing back active users in good volumes at the lowest cost possible, by targeting specific users that exhibit a particular beha

My flight got delayed/cancelled! How do I get compensation?

Picture this: you rush to the airport to kickstart your trip and find out that your flight is delayed, or even worse, cancelled! What to do? Before you entertain thoughts of a vacation ruined, take a breath. Turns out, you have rights to be compensated for the annoyance these disruptions cause. Here is the Consumer Rights 101 in case your flight is delayed and cancelled. THE TRAGIC STORY OF A FLIGHT ONCE DELAYED One time flying from Amritsar back to Singapore on what should be the end of a gre


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